Sabina Lee Gallery: Amanda Gordon Dunn & Suzanne Song

Sabina Lee Gallery: Amanda Gordon Dunn & Suzanne Song

Sabina Lee Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by Amanda Gordon Dunn and Suzanne Song. The show presents a collection of work that is both pristine and visually complete, yet reveals an existence of mystery underneath the surface. Both artists’ work stretches and pushes at the boundary of painting as a medium. The painted surface is in itself malleable, and both artists’ throw off the typical constraints of 2D work. In her sculptural paintings, Dunn literally has the painted surface emerge and grow out of itself, reaching for the viewer, though the 2D plane is in itself the boundary from which hidden contents attempt to emerge. At once the typically passive surface both swells and binds in a battle against itself. As Dunn extends into the viewer’s physical space, Song’s work retreats from the surface, drawing the eye into an elusive puzzle. She challenges the eye to distinguish where surface stops and space begins.

Denver based artist Amanda Gordon Dunn employs fabric, resin, paint and varying objects to create her wall-reliant sculptures. They appear fragile under threat of ripping open to reveal the unknown. This threat is held at bay by the recognizable strength of the gloss. The polished exterior is a sexy, alluring surface, yet it asserts its power in being the barrier, in what it limits the viewer from ever fully knowing. Dunn received a B.F.A. in fiber from the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore in 2006 and has exhibited extensively in the United States.

The geometric abstractions of New York based artist Suzanne Song disrupt the perceptions of the viewer. “I am interested in creating visual states that alternate between spatial dimensions and blur the boundaries between illusion and reality…. Whether the spaces invert, reflect, divide, or fold, their relationships between each other instigate optical illusions that alter our sense of depth and create surface tension.” Her use of the tromp l’oeil technique presents shapes of white that gently hover above the surface of the wood panels they are painted on. As she disguises two dimensions in three, Song manipulates spatial relationships, allowing us to consider our own dimensionality and the existence of artifice, mystery and illusion in our world. Song attended Yale University where she received a MFA in 2000. She has exhibited throughout the United States and internationally.

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