ADC Contemporary Art Gallery presents Breathing Walls

ADC Contemporary Art Gallery presents Breathing Walls


Romero is an abstract Mexican Painter, a true specialist in visual arts, who live and works in Guanajuato, Mexico, the town where he was born in 1972.He graduated from the school of visual arts at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. He received his PHD in Visual Arts and Inter media in Valencia, Spain. His abstract work is filled with bold, thick brush strokes that become part of his signature iconography. He often experiments with different materials that fill his work with strong textures full of color. His inspiration comes from the exploration of the spiritual conflict of the contemporary man and the everyday chaos of life. The most primitive feelings are captured in his paintings in a subtle and organic way.

Among his career highlights, he has been awarded twice with the distinction of visual arts scholarships. He is a regular participant in International Art Fairs, with his work displayed in several galleries throughout Mexico and the United States. His work was selected for many prestigious biennales such as Diego Rivera, Jose Guadalupe Posada and Atanasio Monroy. He was also selected by ADC Contemporary Art Gallery and The Institute of Baja California to represent Mexico in the International Art Exchange Program, BUILDING BRIDGES. His work is found in many important collections, Museums and Cultural Centers in Europe, South America and USA. Exclusively represented in USA by ADC Contemporary Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

“In terms of the classification frame, such as the signals that contribute in favor of the transit, helping to think that the artist work is abstract and that it holds a link between different abstract genders, we should stand out that Romero’s signature is a tendency of that unusual combination of the fine and delicate with the rough, that goes from subtle to heavy, as a scrupulous care even in the vast surfaces that in times deal as bottoms on his shades. As well as the “here and there” sometimes appears a brushstroke that almost seems as a blow, as an accent over neutral spaces that in reality are never neutral. His accents are gesture and contrast that contribute to produce one impression, one sensation that is always powerful, but never without he help of a broad format.”

– The Paint from Inside by Omar Gasca.

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