PØST presents ¡Clac!

PØST presents ¡Clac!

In the month of July PØST will present thirty-one different exhibits.
Thirty-one Solo Exhibits or Collaborations
Receptions: July 1 – 31, 7 – 9 PM, one each night

¡Clac! at PØST!
A performative installation by Humberto Howard, Susan Joseph and Linda Parnell.

Saturday, July 30th 7 to 10 pm
Performance at 8:30 & 9:30 PM

The composer picks up the signals from Jupiter, the human heart, Shanghai and ancient forgotten frequencies to weave a poignant journey. An ambient and inferred geography, woven paths of sound emanate from raw speakers – a radiating plane of place and pathway.

The composer walks out, pulls out his bench and sits by his piano. He clicks and clacs and makes sounds that sound better than the sound of a church choir. A box – a cabinet with knobs and switches – bends circuits, oscillating back and forth, grounded by his hand. When the performance is over, open something that is closed.

The composer walks out, adjusts the magnets on the ballast of her florescent light, pulls up her chair and unlatches the latch of the cabinet doors. Polished and buffed she starts the sound that sounds better than the sum of a thousand megabytes of electronic impulses. Click, clac – oscillating back and forth, written in score for it’s been done before. When the performance is over, open something that is closed.

¡Clac! presents sound sculpture, Terminus Nodus by Linda Parnell, Oscilloscopes by Humberto Howard and works by ANIGHTINJULY, the collaborative team Humberto Howard and Susan Joseph, including a performance of AntiMusik Compositions, an exploration in repurposed instrument making and surrealist video.

Linda Parnell creates work from various unconventional materials: DNA, water and sound. Recently she worked with Multipoint, USA, and exhibited at the Kellogg Gallery at Cal Poly Pomona. This new work involves elusive formalism and collective communication.

Humberto Howard believes in work that conjures an image, a feeling. He works in experimental sound and video as well as found-object, ready-made sculpture and painting. He recently performed in ARTWALK 2011 at LACMA and his work titled Daumal in Drag, a sound-video performance piece, was choreographed and performed by Lindsay Ducos for Catalyst 2010 at Diavolo, Los Angeles.

Susan Joseph works in experimental sound, animation and video as well as installation and painting. She recently participated in The Monitor Show, a part of TBA, a seven-part video exhibition at Kristi Engle Gallery, Los Angeles and has exhibited her art works in numerous solo and group exhibitions over the course of her career.

Curated by Susan Joseph. Knock me off my fender.

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