PYO Gallery LA: Eun Joo Lee & Shinae Choi

PYO Gallery LA: Eun Joo Lee & Shinae Choi

PYO Gallery LA, is pleased to showcase a joint exhibition of photographs by two of Korea’s leading stage photographers; Eun Joo Lee and Shinae Choi. Eun Joo Lee will exhibit a series of limited edition images of the influential video artist Nam June Paik and Shinae Choi will present the world-renowned ballerina, Sue Jin Kang. For decades Eun Joo Lee has captured the most respected performances in Korea and had the privilege of being the only photographer invited by Nam June Paik to document his final exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum. Nam June Paik was the first visual artist to fuse TV sets, music and noise with traditional art forms. His importance in this genre is global and is often dubbed the grandfather of video art. Lee traveled between Seoul and New York for fifteen years to photograph Paik’s portrait and developed a lifelong friendship. While the focus of this exhibit is about the reflective celebrity portraits, there is also an intriguing narrative of the two successful photographers being exhibited. They are mother and daughter.

The exhibition has been extended thru August 6th, 2011.

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