POVevolving Gallery presents The Tyranny of Impermanence

POVevolving Gallery presents The Tyranny of Impermanence

New Works by Grady Gordon

POVevolving is pleased to announce an exhibition of Monotypes by Grady Gordon.

The Tyranny of Impermanence is compromised of 23 new monotype prints titled “Hexe” (Witch in German). This grouping is part of the 4th series of prints from Grady Gordon. Much like his prior series, the faces within all share the same name-but are composed of highly varied textures, patterns, iconography, and feeling. The “Hexe” faces, examine the notion of what lies behind the veil. Examining the hidden face beyond the surface.

Grady creates monotypes which are different from most printmaking techniques in that the result is a single, unique print. Grady’s process is reliant in the reductive method; he begins with a field of black ink and then removes the ink with pallet knives and other tools until the face reveals itself.

The faces are loosely based on Native American Kachina imagery and also pull from the folklore of the Japanese Yokai (demons / monsters).

The monotype is a study of impermanence, a fleeting glance into the subconscious, and an x-ray of mortality.

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