Peephole Cinema presented by Automata

Peephole Cinema presented by Automata

The peephole will be open and available to the public 24/7
504 Chung King Court in the Chinatown District of Los Angeles
(Peephole is located in the alley behind the gallery)

Ghost Algebra:
In Geiser’s Ghost Algebra, a solitary figure navigates a landscape of constructed nature and broken bones. She peers through a decaying aperture, waiting and watching: the fragility of the body is exposed for what it is: ephemeral, liquid, a battlefield of nervous dreams. Using found and natural objects, rephotographed video, medical illustrations, and other collage elements, Ghost Algebra suggests one of the original meanings of the word “algebra”: the science of restoring what is missing, the reunion of broken parts.

Simpson’s Inconsolable Objects is a short animated film exploring states of agitation and unrest. Drawing on various source material, particularly comic book action sequences the film creates an abstracted experience of unease.

About the project:
Peephole Cinema is a “miniature cinema” collective with satellite projects in three cities: San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. In each city, silent film shorts are screened 24/7 through a dime-sized peephole installed in a public location. Peephole Cinema LA is run by Allison de Fren, Brian Cantrell and Laurie O’Brien and is installed behind and hosted by Automata. This is an “exquisite corpse” curatorial project; the current curator will choose his or her replacement every two months for an entire year.

About Automata
Automata is an artist-run Los Angeles non-profit, located in the Chinatown District of Los Angeles. Founded in 2004 by artists Susan Simpson and Janie Geiser, Automata is dedicated to the creation, incubation, and presentation of experimental puppet theater, experimental film, and other contemporary art practices centered on ideas of artifice and performing objects. Automata seeks to radically redefine and re-contextualize the notion of object performance, locating it at the intersection of contemporary performance, media, visual art, sound art and experimental writing. Automata is dedicated to creating and nurturing new work that is engaged in cutting edge art practices, and in deep conversation with our contemporary culture of simulation and mimicry while embracing the aura of the handmade and hand-operated.

504 Chung King Court Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 819-6855
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