Martha Otero presents Charge by Tim Biskup

Martha Otero presents Charge by Tim Biskup

Tim Biskup | Charge

Opening is Saturday, September 28th 6 – 9PM

Show Runs Through: September 28th – November 2nd, 2013

His breathtaking, amusing style nods grinningly to pop cultural graphics of the past, while simultaneously forging brand new artistic ground. With each new piece, Biskup further defines himself as a master of his craft.

– JJ Abrams

The title, Charge, holds complex personal references for Biskup. To be ‘charged’ or to be ‘in charge’ is to feel psychologically or emotively ‘charged’ as in renewed, revived and empowered. In particle physics, the theory of ‘color charge’ refers to an abstract concept of positive and negative values. The visual perception of color has no meaning for these particles. Essentially, ‘color charge’ is a rather whimsical term alluding to abstract values for abstract forces constantly at work in the universe. For Biskup, a ‘charge’ can be harbored by things constantly rejected as too abstract, too small or too anomalous. Biskup acts as a physical receptor to these alternative cultures, by producing works that channel musicality and vibrancy into a stream of progressive Modernism. Works such as A Subtle Advertisement For Mind-Numbing Pain, reflects a wealth of experience with contemporary graphic illustration, but rigorously defends traditional methodologies of composition, line and color gradients.

Tim Biskup was born in Santa Monica, California in 1967. His experience designing and producing toys has greatly influenced his body of work over the last two decades. His melodic paintings are sourced from a lifelong fascination with popular culture, punk rock and experimental music. He received a compelling combination of technical training from art school (Otis Parsons) and years in the trenches of the animation industry (Cartoon Network, Spümco, Disney). Biskup has produced his own limited edition prints, vinyl figures, books, records and other aesthetic objects.

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