La Luz De Jesus Gallery presents Mark Gleason and Robert Craig

La Luz De Jesus Gallery presents Mark Gleason and Robert Craig

On View: January 8-31, 2016

Mark GleasonBlood and Fire

“These works embody my continued exploration of the forces that fuel and animate the human, the animal, and the elemental material of the world. In the creation of these allegorical images of solitude, absurdity, determination, transcendence, and consequence, I reduced my palette to the four archaic pigments: Red corresponding to blood, black derived from charred animal bones, fiery yellow and titanium white bring light to dark lands.” –Mark Gleason

Robert CraigInobvious Epithets


Robert Craig is the most famous artist you’ve never heard of.

Recently the subject of a documentary by his good friend and master painter, Ron English, Craig is possessed of an innate ability and an irreproducible work ethic that has confined him to painting 18 hours per day, everyday, for over 55 years.

His hyper-realistic renderings have fooled many a casual observer to believe that they are digital, but his technique is entirely analog. Craig hand grinds pure Carrara marble to a powdered dust, mixes it with a combination of latex, water, egg white, and white shoe dye, which he applies to un-stretched, tightly-woven, Belgian linen in micro thin layers–each of which he finely sands to the point that the term “polished” may be more accurate. He insists that each layer can only be properly cured, individually, by sunlight.

In person, one might be even more doubtful that what they see is an actual painting. The surface is devoid of almost any tooth or sign of brush stroke and lies perfectly flat as though it were manufactured on a printing press. On close inspection, however, an experienced painter can find the telltale signs of it being handcrafted (mainly on verso). But most are at a loss, and nearly all are in awe.

We’ve taken a revolutionary approach to showcasing these masterpieces: we’ve foregone stretching and framing to expose the complete surface of Robert’s canvases. We strongly feel that this is the only way to convince all observers to the authenticity of Craig’s creations.

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