La Luz De Jesus Gallery presents Ling Ly, D.W. Marino, Paige Jiyoung Moon, and Joanne Seohyun Nam

La Luz De Jesus Gallery presents Ling Ly, D.W. Marino, Paige Jiyoung Moon, and Joanne Seohyun Nam

Show Runs Through: February 2nd, 2014

Ling Ly – Moments

Ling Ly is a Los Angeles based artist, and recent Art Center graduate. Ling mostly focuses on oil painting and graphite drawing, with a focus on portraits and nature. Her painterly style blends elements of graphic realism to showcase her impeccable technical skills.

This is her first commercial gallery exhibition.


D.W. Marino – Playskool Apokalips

D.W. Marino‘s wooden bomb sculptures have entered some pretty versatile collections, from Billy Shire and Kat Von D. to the very industrialists that his work criticizes. Never one to shy away from environmental issues, D.W. has created a series of stand alone piece to pad out his anti-pollution message.

If it seems like he’s familiar with military industrial complex, it’s because he’s worked for much of his adult life in an ammunition factory, and is in fact a second generation employee. Marino’s sculpted shadow boxes are perfect for people who like their humor blacker than their coffee.


Paige Jiyoung Moon – Here & There

Paige Moon‘s drawings and paintings are both lively and subtle and full of mirth. Her characters perform mundane tasks with great style, and her attention to detail helped win her the Silver Medal from the NY Society of Illustrators this past year. All the more impressive after learning that she’s only a year out of art school.

Paige has presented work in a number of galleries, but this is her first feature exhibition.


Joanne Seohyun Nam – Terra Cognito

Joanne Nam‘s soft colors enhance rather than soften her stark and sometimes spooky subject matter. Her work is quite modern and yet filled with folklore from her native South Korea. This hybridized palette is as strong a representation of current Los Angeles painting as you are likely to see.

Joanne lives in Pasadena, where she also attended Art Center College of Design, earning honors and a BFA in illustration.


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