L2kontemporary presents Dream Big

L2kontemporary presents Dream Big

L2kontemporary is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition at the gallery by Los Angeles based artists Scott & Denise Davis; a.k.a. Davis & Davis. This exhibition is based upon a recent visit to Japan, and in Davis & Davis’ own words:

“In Japan, female workers average 44 percent of what males earn, the widest gender pay gap not only in Asia, but also among the “developed” countries of the world. While women hold 46% of the professional and technical jobs, they make up just 10% of the legislators, senior officials and managers. Most of the jobs available to women are in the food, retail and service industries, traditionally the lowest paying jobs.

The majority of Japanese women work, but maternity leave policies are such that 70% of women are, in effect, forced to resign from work when they get pregnant. Health Minister Hakuo Yanagisawa, in January of 2009, publicly described women as “baby-making machines,” who were not keeping up with production.

In June of 2010, Davis & Davis visited Japan and took candid photographs of the most visible of women workers as they made food, sold food, drove buses and commuted to work in their work uniforms.

Last fall, former Miss Universe Japan, Kurara Chibana, gave this advice to Japanese women: “Dream big, build self-confidence, although in Japan, that can sometimes work against you. Then, because you fear rejection, you hide your passion and eventually, it becomes difficult to hold onto your beliefs and dreams. Establish yourself around people you can trust, like friends and family, until you become self-assured.’” Davis & Davis

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