Human Resources presents Tiger Munson’s Numinous Rupture

Human Resources presents Tiger Munson’s Numinous Rupture

Show Runs: January 17th – January 25th, 2015

Opening Reception and Performances: January 17th, 2015, 7-10pm

Tiger Munson’s Numinous Rupture

Human Resources Gallery presents artist Tiger Munson’s Numinous Rupture: An exploration of the individual and collective relationship we have with atomics, our nuclear world, and cataclysm. The exhibition consists of artist Munson’s photographic fabric light installation, performances by his portrait subjects, and an afternoon symposium.

Opening Reception and Performances: January 17th, 2015, 7-10pm

Featuring Camille Bachand and Clark Walter and Shaq Jizz, Ogechi Chieke, Leopold Nunan, Helen Vander Neer and Clock, Beatriz Eugenia Vasquez

Symposium: Saturday January 24th, 2015, 2pm

Ali Tobia The Puissance of the Human Energy Field: A Yogic Look at Energy Possibilities for When the Polar Ice Caps Melt and Fossil Fuel Supplies Deplete.
Joseph Hankins, author of Working Skin: Making Leather, Making a Multicultural Japan, on the Buraku, the “untouchable” social class, the workers at Fukushima
Other presenters to be announced

The images in Numinous Rupture are made up of photographic portraits using backdrops of atomic bombs painted in the 1950’s by movie scenic painter Leo F Atkinson, who specialized in clouds and painted the scenic background for “Wizard of Oz”, “Ben Hur” and “Showboat, ” among other films. Photographed in Munson’s studio, the backdrops, as artifacts and stand alone works of art, maintain an aura of both an historical Cold War period of American and world history, and a fictionalized, Hollywood representation of the consciousness. The backdrop was simultaneously the object and signifier of “the portrait studio” and functioned as such, and also initiated the creative individual engagements with the subjects (many of whom are artists themselves) who ultimately experimented with, and, in collaboration with Munson, in creating transcendant or alternate ways of being in a cataclysmic suggestive paradigm. The photographic prints in the exhibition are printed using a dye sublimation process on fabric, erected on modular metal racks spaced around the gallery, and each lit from behind for a reminiscent 3-D perspective and glow.

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