Human Resources presents The International Expanded Field

Human Resources presents The International Expanded Field

In the spirit of transnational dialog in times of heightened fragmentation, competition and isolation, The International Expanded Field brings members of different diasporic communities of Los Angeles for a three day event at Human Resources. With a critical and contemporary look at the late 1960s and 1970s third world solidarity movements, the three day event creates a platform for sustained dialogue, and collective joy and pleasure. Through storytelling, film and video screenings, discussion, personal archives, collective dinners, dance and music, we come together from histories of coups, colonization, military dictatorships and interventions, to collectively think about what prepares us to carry on.

March 23 – March 25

The event is organized by Gelare Khoshgozaran and Jimena Sarno with contributions by Carmen Amengual, Carolyn Castaño, Gary Dauphin, Sandra de la Loza, iris yirei hu, Andre Keichian, Roshanak Kheshti, Sara Mameni, María Montenegro, Jennifer Moon, Amitis Motevalli, Sarah Naim, Perwana Nazif, Aria Safar, Hande Sever and more.

Opening: Saturday, March 23

4:00 PM The Affective Temporalities Of Waiting, a group discussion guided by María Montenegro

5:00 PM Screening: La Hora de Los Hornos – Parte I: Neocolonialismo y Violencia, Fernando Solanas, Argentina (1968 English subtitles)

7:00 PM Collective dinner catered from Savage Taste, Revolutionario, and Spain ($10-$20 suggested donation) RSVP here.

8:00 PM Narratives from the Expanded Field: Introduction to Participants

10:00 PM Dessert + Karaoke

Han Karaoke: Conceptualized around han, a Korean word for of an emotion that has no direct translation in English and often characterized as grief, resentment, suffering, and also pride and faith, Jennifer Moon invites everyone to conjure their no-words-can-describe emotions via Karaoke!

Sunday, March 24

1:00PM Amitis Motevalli screens Reinas the Los Angeles, a film by Byron José. Conversation with Byron following the screening.

3:00 PM Hande Sever screens Günler Yürüdüğünde, an experimental film bringing together found footage from the TRT archives and prison letters of her mother.

Perwana Nazif: Afghan Tapes + Their Poetry — Selections from her parents’ cassette collection

4:00 PM Screening: La Estrategia del Caracol, Sergio Cabrera (Colombia, 1993, English subtitles)

6:00 PM Lecture-Screening: The Veil Manifesto, Roshanak Kheshti & Sara Mameni

6:30 PM Picada Argentina (Virgo style): workshop by Jimena Sarno. A picada is an excuse to gather around snacks and wine for conversation. You’ve seen the picadas on Instagram, now it’s time to make your own! Picada includes cheese and olives plus pretty much anything you may have at home, but presentation is key.

7:00 PM Collective dinner/Collective Picada | RSVP here.

8:30 PM Gary Dauphin

9:00 PM Tea+dessert with Carolyn Castaño spinning a selection of her late father’s records from Colombia

Closing Night: Monday, March 25

7:00 PM The Veil Manifesto by Roshanak Kheshti & Sara Mameni

7:30 PM Fragmentos de Argel / Fragments from Algiers (work in progress), Super 8 transferred to Digital, 4:36 min., 2019, Screening and live reading by Carmen Amengual

8:00 PM The International Expanded Potluck.


Teahouse with contributions from Aria Safar, Sandra de la Loza and Sarah Naim

Quilt by iris yirei hu

Cyanotype tabletop, a collaborative project by iris yirei hu and Sandra de la Loza

Slide projection: The University of Art, Gelare Khoshgozaran

Table with puzzle: un rompecabezas, Andre Keichian

Teta voicing her love, audio piece by Sarah Naim

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