Human Resources presents Final Fantasy Art Show

Human Resources presents Final Fantasy Art Show

Final Fantasy Art Show

“It’s not the end that matters! It’s knowing that you have something to live for right now, at this moment! Something you’ve worked for… something that’s worth protecting! As long as you have that…that’s enough!” – Terra Branford, Final Fantasy VI

Anyone can come and make drawings around the theme of “Final Fantasy” and get your drawings hung in a massive epic drawing mural. Recreate stills from gameplay, draw from memories you have playing the games, or (if you never played the games) just meditate on the meaning of the words “final” and “fantasy” and draw from there. Old strategy guides will be on hand as reference points. Final Fantasy is a wide ranging series that explores ecological issues, misuse of technology, class disparity, and the nature of memory… So there’s a lot of material to work with. The work will be installed and exhibited as it’s made by anyone who wants to come- blurring the line between audience and artist in a way that reflects the porous and ephemeral relationship between a video game and it’s players. This workshop is for everyone who likes to draw no matter how talented you think you are or aren’t.



Sergi Gee and Camelliah Saleh: 11am
Drawing with Marcos Siref: 12 noon
Drawing with Nicky Rojo: 1 pm
James Raymond DJ set and Drawing: 2 pm
Marisol Ceja Godinez from We the GEEKS of EAST LA: 3 pm
Jeffzilla: 4 pm
Comedy and drawing with Lauren White: 5 pm
Jasmine Nyende: 6pm
Kristin Smallwood DJ set: 7 pm
Nick Malkin DJ set: 8 pm
Micah James DJ set: 9 pm

Sunday 1/15

John Burlti: 11 am
Soyoung Shin: 12 noon
Deana Uribe: 1 pm
Drawing and DJ set with Jay Lizo: 2 pm
Violin and more with Pauline Lay: 3 pm
Whitney Gibson: 4 pm
Vegan Dinner Hour with Margie Schnibbe: 5 pm
Final Final Fantasy L3T’S GAY with Johnnie JungleGuts: 6pm

This event is also a party for the last Final Fantasy VI episode of Johnnie JungleGuts’ let’s play series, L3T’S GAY. The final episode of L3T’S GAY FFVI will be projected and recorded at 7pm onto the Lifestream mural on Sunday, January the 15th. Come hang out and be a part of the recording!

Free and open to the public!

supplies provided (newsprint, sumi ink, pencil)

Drawings will be screened for discriminatory content.

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