Gregorio Escalante Gallery presents ICONIC: Black Panther

Gregorio Escalante Gallery presents ICONIC: Black Panther

50 Artists Interpret 50 Years of The Black Panther Party

Everything is the same; but different. The enduring social justice legacy of The Black Panthers is still relevant. Gregorio Escalante Gallery is pleased to announce SEPIA Collective’s ICONIC: Black Panther group art exhibition. Fifty years of an iconic legacy in American history will be celebrated with artwork from fifty artists. “The beauty of this show is that it allows different perspectives to interpret the impact of the Black Panthers in their own particular way,” Los Angeles co-curator Susu Attar explains. “It brings together people who believe in social justice even if it is not directly affecting them.”

A partial list of artists includes: Sundus Abdul Hadi, Pilar Aguero-Esparza, Jessica Alazraki, Muhammad Ali, April Banks, Lili Bernard, April Bey, Jonathan Blackwell, Aise Born, Justin Dixon, Kristen Downing, Emory Douglas, Shepard Fairey, Jeff Gillette, Mark Steven Greenfield, Zeal Harris, Samira Idroos, February James, Akinsanya Kambon, Dr. Samella Lewis, Michael Massenburg, Ryan McCann, Mohammed Mubarak, Toni Scott, Ali Al Sharji, Laurel Shear, Dewey Tafoya, Tsilil Tsemet, Lexx Valdez, Keith Walsh. Shepard Fairey describes the significance of the Black Panther Party to artists, “Without their iconic style and imagery, ranging from the Panther logo, to the uniform of turtleneck, beret, and leather jacket, to the graphic images of Emory Douglas, the Black Panther Party may not have captured the interest and imaginations of people around the world who were inspired to take a closer look at the issues and philosophies the party represented. I have found tremendous creative inspiration in the iconography of the Black Panther Party.”

About the exhibit: ICONIC: Black Panther is multi-city fine art exhibit produced by SEPIA Collective. The show debuted in Oakland in October 2016. Each city will host a curated exhibit featuring primarily local artists along with internationally renowned artists and original art from founding Black Panthers. Several community events are planned throughout the month of April. The Los Angeles installation is presented by SEPIA Collective, Gregorio Escalante Gallery and Zack de la Rocha / Razor Step in association with Road to Artdom.

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Sepia Collective is an Los Angeles based, artist run organization that merges educational, non-profit, or corporate projects with the arts for the purposes of empowering artists, community enhancement, and education. We produce dynamic arts centered projects that empower creative people and communities.

Show Runs: April 8, 2017 – May 14, 2017

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