d.e.n contemporary presents Painting On Edge II

d.e.n contemporary presents Painting On Edge II

Painting On Edge II
curated by Grant Vetter

Open Friday during art weekend LA.

Show Runs Through: September 19th – October 19th, 2012

den contemporary is pleased to present its fall exhibition Painting on Edge II, featuring works by 23 artists:
Joshua Aster, Hilary Baker, Edith Baumann, Kent Familton, Andrew Foster, Richard Galling, Steve Hampton, Scott Jamieson, Michael Kindred Knight, Christopher Kuhn, David Leapman, Michelle Jane Lee, David Michael Lee, Joe Lloyd, Heather Gwen Martin, Kevin Moore, Max Presnell, Alison Rash, Adam Ross, Nano Rubio, Eric Schott, Chris Trueman, and Jayson Ward.

Painting on Edge II is an expanded survey of new trends in Hard Edge Painting. Unlike the ideologically bound practices of modernism and postmodernism, the work in Painting on Edge II shows a new openness towards the fabulation of Hard Edge painting without a readily identifiable ethos. This is perhaps best represented by the artists in this show that openly mix the gestural and the graphic, patterns and process, and systems and topology. While all of the works in this show attempt to rework the geometric tradition in one way or another, there is nothing dogmatic or orthodox about their approach.

As such, the artists in Painting on Edge II are not just challenging traditional boundaries, but their work sits on the edge of many boarding discourses, caught somewhere between essentialism and transcendentalism, power and design, a rigorous application and the production of aesthetic delight. At a time when cultural production carries so much baggage from the twentieth century, the artists in Painting on Edge II show us another way to travel light in heading for places unknown, where the journey of making is a delicate balancing act between absolute precision and unlimited permissions.

den contemporary is proud to invite Grant Vetter to guest curate our fall exhibition. Vetter is a Los Angeles-based artist, educator, curator, and the director of the non-profit arts organization Autonomie.

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