Carl Ramsey Opening @ Edgar Varela Fine Arts

Carl Ramsey Opening @ Edgar Varela Fine Arts

In conjunction with Bert Green Fine Art, EVFA presents Carl Ramsey.
Opening July 30th 5pm – 8pm.

Carl Ramsey artist statement
I try to do interesting paintings. Not many have picked up a brush with the intent to do otherwise, yet a positive outcome is never assured. Failures become the ground for the next attempt. Many years ago an instructor of mine stated, for the first time to my ear, that sentimentality is the enemy of art. I have always considered this statement in relation to the obfuscation of truth. I find it a useful thought to hold as I search around the city for subjects, or prepare to merely recycle a used canvas.

Edgar Varela Fine Arts (EVFA)
727 S. Spring Street, LA 90014
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