Cal State LA Fine Arts Gallery presents The School for Endurance Work

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Cal State LA Fine Arts Gallery presents The School for Endurance Work

The School for Endurance Work Mission Statement:
The School for Endurance Work attempts to re-tool the institution as a place of interdisciplinary public engagement through animation, fashion, music, painting, performance, photography, writing, and sculpture. This exhibition intends to educate the audience, that we do not exist in isolation, and artists are often times influenced by, and critical of the world around them.

The School for Endurance Work is a conscious, cooperative effort of the university to use its’ resources to retool, becoming a site for collaboration, experimentation and experiential creative learning and living. This accumulative proposition features Los Angeles based artists whose work is at the intersection of critical history, community engagement, feminism, revolution, sustainability, and visual resistance. The value of higher education lies in the complex relationship it can foster between institutional knowledge and the knowledge and skills of the internal and surrounding communities.

The School for Endurance Work activates this knowledge and attempts to bridge the local community and the classroom. This model provides students with the opportunity to meet people outside of their age, and demographic, to diversify their experience in an environment, which allows them to explore on their own terms and with the support and guidance of a local artist and faculty. By Carole Frances Lung

Los Angeles based artists
Kim Abeles
Artemisa Clark
Zackary Drucker
Sonja Gerdes
Elizabeth Houston
Elana Mann
Jennifer Moon
Jemima Wyman

Visiting Scholars
Carol Cheh (consulting curator and essay)
Shannon R. Stratton, Curator of the Museum of Arts and Design NYC

Oli Rodriguez, Photography
Zach Zezima, Animation
Susan Kane, Music

Term Schedule

Back to School
Tuesday Jan 22, 12 – 5 pm
3-4 pm Artemisa Clark Performance

Graduation Party
Thursday Feb 21 6-10 pm.
6pm Graduation Keynote: Shannon Stratton Curator of the Museum of

Art & Design
7-10 pm Reception

Reading space, with books suggested by artist, faculty and students who are
participating in the School for Endurance work.

In the Hall
Features an exhibition of objects, archives, and video of works by Kim Ablees,
Artemisa Clark, Zachary Drucker, Elana Mann, Jennifer Moon and Jemima Wyman.

Classroom Activities
Features participatory question and response chalkboard and a schedule lectures
and workshops:

Photography: Jemima Wyman – Friday Feb. 1, 1-3 pm; lecture and workshop

Writing: Elisabeth Houston – Thursday Feb. 7, 9 am – 12 pm

Activism Art and Feminism – Monday Feb. 18, 9 am – 1:40 pm Wiki Edit A Thon,
Sara Cluggage
playground Activities
Provides a space for performance, production and creative play.

Fashion, Fiber and Materials: The Mooniform, 4SWATCHÉ’s (Briana Alvarez,
Xiomara Fonseca, Gregory Lewis) MOONIFORM design and production station.

Drawing and Animation: Sonja Gerdes performance, Wed. Feb. 6, 12:30-1:30 pm

Music: Elana Mann music class with Susan Kane Thursday Feb. 14, 3:05-4:20 pm

California State University Los Angeles Fine Arts Gallery
5151 State University Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90032
(323) 343-4040
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