Affordable Art Fair

Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair Lands in Los Angeles

Chosen for its vibrancy, allure, and burgeoning art scene, Los Angeles will soon play host to the Affordable Art Fair, an event that seamlessly fuses art, quality, education, and entertainment. Founded twelve years ago by Will Ramsay, the Affordable Art Fair is an unrivaled international phenomenon; with fairs held annually in ten locations around the world. Presenting contemporary art priced from $100 – $10,000, with half of the work under $5,000, the Affordable Art Fair will present original, contemporary works to entice the entire L.A. community.

After the NYC debut in 2001, the Affordable Art Fair has been limited to an east coast audience; however, in 2012, Angelenos will be able to experience the fun and unparalleled art fair for the first time—right in their own city. The Los Angeles art community epitomizes what the Affordable Art Fair brand is all about: a unique blend of quality work, accessibility, and openness.

L.A. is home to a wide array of notable visual, theatrical, cinematic, and performing artists. This community of creative individuals is enthusiastic about the city’s growing cultural prominence. With the plentiful amount of fine art collectors, dealers, donors, curators, and professionals in the area, Los Angeles is one of the most vivacious and up-and-coming art cities in the country and world – and one that the Affordable Art Fair is thrilled to join.

“We are excited to finally introduce the Affordable Art Fair to the west coast, and I can’t think of a better city to launch in than Los Angeles,” says Judith Pineiro, Director of the Affordable Art Fair US. “We believe that our diverse appeal will attract Los Angeles residents to the Fair, and that they will respond both positively and ardently to our incomparable collection of amazing art at affordable prices.” The inaugural Affordable Art Fair in Los Angeles will be at L.A. LIVE at the Event Deck from January 18 – 22, 2012. An ideal venue for the Fair, L.A. LIVE is an entertainment mecca located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, steps away from the Staples Center, Nokia Theater, and Convention Center. This bustling area of L.A. welcomes the opening of new galleries, restaurant, and boutiques on a weekly basis. The Affordable Art Fair will take place under a tented 42,000 square foot space, which will create a lively yet relaxed environment.

Dedicated to supporting new art collectors and engaging curious visitors, the Affordable Art Fair also incorporates educational and interactive programming into the event.

As such, the Fair will welcome, whom will lead informative but informal talks on buying art, caring for a collection, and more. The Recent Graduates Exhibition curated by L.A. based art advisor Melanie Edmunds, will highlight emerging unrepresented artists that have recently completed their MFA or BFA. Also joining the Affordable Art Fair L.A. with exciting demonstrations by master printmakers is Edition One Hundred. The Affordable Art Fair’s LittleCollector Lounge will have programming curated by and aimed at the youngest members of the family, giving them a chance to participate and learn directly from a real life artist.

All programs at the Fair are free with admission, and are not exclusive to VIPs—they are for all attendees. To further promote art for all, the Fair will also offer complimentary admission on the Thursday evening of the event.

Affordable Art Fair Past and Present
Twelve years ago, Will Ramsay changed the model of the traditional art fair by creating the Affordable Art Fair, where contemporary art is accessible to all. Now in ten locations around the world, with the L.A. fair being the eleventh, Affordable Art Fair proves that you do not need to be an art expert or a billionaire to have original works of art by living artists in your home or office. With the fair taking place in Amsterdam (spring and fall), Bristol, Brussels, London (spring and fall), Los Angeles, Melbourne, Milan, New York (spring and fall), North London, Singapore, and Sydney, over $270 million worth of art has been sold at the fairs. The success of the brand continues with the estimated millionth visitor to the Affordable Art Fair expected in 2011.

General Show Dates
Thursday, January 19 12PM – 8PM Free admission 4PM – 8PM
Friday, January 20 12PM – 8PM
Saturday, January 21 11AM – 8PM
Sunday, January 22 11AM – 6PM

The Affordable Art Fair
The Event Deck at L.A. LIVE
Visitor entrance: Georgia Street between Chick Hearn Court and W. Olympic Boulevard
Parking entrance: 1005 West Chick Hearn Court
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