Samuel Freeman presents Apollo TBD

Samuel Freeman presents Apollo TBD

Show Runs Through: April 5th – May 10th, 2014

The earth moves and shifts.

In space exploration we find tendencies of escapism and transcendence. The production of alternative definitions of “space” become necessary, as traditionally accepted ideas and actualities of physical space have been quickly diminishing. The inherent chaos in a space will eventually preside; in seeing this chaos visible, audible, and with a physical presence, we become aware of the intangible phenomena occurring in space at any given moment.

Images perpetually shift as we move through landscape both real and imagined. Varied and conflicting notions of wilderness—violence, beauty, disorientation and transcendence unfold visually, interlacing an interior, embodied space with a moving and uncontrollable landscape. A psychological geography materializes by virtue of the meaning inherent in particular materials. Constellations emerge as generated moments of collapse.

This open archive of the otherworldly seems as unfamiliar as a projection into what form other worlds might come in. A conditional belief foregrounds the experience itself. Viewed by satellite, created by chemical reaction, slid across a floor, the diverse works the artists present in this exhibition may be made of the earth, but take us to a place altogether otherworldly.

Samuel Freeman is pleased to present work by Deanna Erdmann, Lisa Madonna, Becca Mann, Ryan Perez, Rimas Simaitis, Daniel Small, Brendan Threadgill, Calvin Trezise, Clarissa Tossin, and Matthew Waller.

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