POVevolving Gallery presents Dissonance

POVevolving Gallery presents Dissonance

Featuring the work of James Chronister, Dominic Paul Moore, Simone Shubuck, Shawn Kuruneru, Christopher Norris, & Jacob Tillman

In music, “dissonance” is a term used to describe elements such as chords, harmonies, and intervals, which have a clashing quality. It is often, by definition, a harsh sound, but one which contributes greatly on many levels to the beauty and expressiveness of music.

Dissonance is intended to explore the similar overlapping/clashing qualities of visual artworks which are neither figurative nor abstract; or both at once. I’m hoping to highlight a certain grey area within which artwork can exist by either definition; wherein abstract sensibilities heavily inform figurative renderings, and vice versa, so that the two become indistinguishable, and can be simultaneously appreciated. -Alexis Anne Mackenzie

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