L2kontemporary presents Moshé Elimelech

L2kontemporary presents Moshé Elimelech

Moshé Elimelech
Geometric Geographics
January 7 – February 11, 2012

As is any traditional pictorial work rendered with pigment on an absorptive surface, the watercolors are all unique, handmade, and immutable. For every purely geometric composition rendered in watercolor, there is one in which stylized elements of landscape and/or cityscape appear, describing a charmed world of nuanced atmosphere with simplified objects and topographies.

Elimelech transcends the professional design world into that of a fine artist. He applies his innate talent to creating powerful visual elements of the 21 century resulting in simple forms of traditional material. Although seemingly simple colored cells at first glance these works mask a hidden dialogue of rhythm, vibration and logic.

Accompanying this gallery show is the release of a sixty-page monograph entitled “Moshé Elimelech: Reflections and Arrangements,” of photographed works with an introduction by Peter Frank. The book includes images from his watercolors, arrangements, and installations.

990 N. Hill Street # 205, Los Angeles, CA 90012
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