Inaugural Exhibition ‘Momentum’ at Le Basse Projects

Inaugural Exhibition ‘Momentum’ at Le Basse Projects

LeBasse Projects is excited to announce that they will be expanding and opening a second gallery location.

The new addition to the program will be located in the historic Chinatown District of Los Angeles, situated on Chung King Road. The new gallery space will be a compliment to the existing program, giving our represented artists additional opportunities.

The first exhibition in Chinatown will be at the curatorial direction of LeBasse Projects co-owner Christine Le. The Inaugural exhibition will feature over a dozen female artists – focusing the spotlight on a group of bright talents that have a different take on typical feminine art. Each of the artists invited to participate in the exhibition brings a unique voice and distinct style to the walls of Chinatown.

The artists featured are an international roster including: Amy Ross, Fumi Nakamura, Hera, Kristin Schiele, Jessicka Addams, Laura Ball, Marci Washington, Marissa Textor, Melissa Haslam, Meryl Pataky, Seonna Hong, Tracy Nakayama, Yeonju Sung and Yumiko Kayukawa.

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